• Alabama Orchestral Harpist

  • An orchestra adds such a rich layer of accompaniment to a choir’s performance. Many churches enjoy using a live orchestra for their Christmas and Easter performances each year. The harp is always welcome in attendance because it visually adds to a program as well as musically adding the glissandos and arpeggios it has become known for. Marie very much enjoys working in church orchestras.

  • It is very rewarding to listen to how the members of the choir prepare their parts, and in a very small window of time mesh their music together with the many facets of sound produced by the members of the orchestra. Everyone works together to create a beautiful masterpiece for the audience to enjoy. Sometimes a special choir piece will require a small ensemble including the harp as part of the accompaniment. Marie loves to be a part of this type program as well.

    Nathan Edwards of First Baptist Church of Gadsden, highly recommends Marie:

  • Marie plays harp for us each year for our Christmas choir and orchestra program as well as our Christmas Eve service, and other special services. To describe her work as only “professional” or “musical” would be an absolute disservice. Marie is a leader in our worship.