• Alabama Wedding Harp Player

  • Your wedding is one of the most special moments in your life. The music for your wedding will set the mood and atmosphere with inspiration, reverence and beauty. The outstanding vision of beauty of the harp and the ethereal music it bestows will enhance your guest’s experience of a truly wonderful wedding. What could be a better choice than a Lyon and Healy Grand Concert harp played by a musician who is dedicated to providing you with music that will thrill your soul and bring fond memories to your guests?

  • Marie meets with each bride and her fiancée’ about the selection of the music for their ceremony. The musical selections are tailored to the vision of the special ceremony that the bride has dreamed of since she was a little girl. Knowing how special this day is, Marie is dedicated to providing selections that meet every taste. The traditional wedding marches, religious, classical and popular music are all included in Marie’s repertoire.

  • I will forever hold a special place in my heart for the gift my mom gave my husband and me. She took her gifts, her talents, her abilities, and put everything she had into playing the most heavenly instrument I could have dreamed of and she made our day the most special day we will never forget!

    Amy Barnes Crowe

  • The harp is a beautiful solo instrument that produces a complete sound, requiring no additional accompaniment from other instruments.

    Marie’s harp has an acoustical pick up which allows the harp to be amplified. The sound system she uses is a professional BOSE system. This system allows her to play in large venues as well as small, personal affairs. This also works well allowing her to use the sound system in the wedding ceremony and then setting up her sound system for the reception.

    Often times Marie is asked to play for the wedding as well as for the reception. It makes for an easy transition when the sound system is already set up and you can move the harp from wedding to reception without skipping a beat! Usually the music for the reception is easy-listening music, designed so the guests can visit with each other while listening to recognizable background music.

    Read what an Alabama Wedding Planner had to say about Marie:

  • I could not be more excited to highly recommend Marie. One of the best parts of my job as a Wedding Planner is getting to know and work with wonderful vendors in the industry. Pairing my couples with a great team makes their special day a reality. I have known Marie for many years, in fact, the first wedding she so beautifully played her harp for me was at my own daughter’s wedding. Guests were so impressed with her talent and you will be also when you select her for your wedding music. Who doesn’t love the sound of a beautiful harp?
    I have no doubt she has a large repertoire of musical selections for your event. Her professionalism and wonderful personality will add an aspect to your wedding reception you will not soon forget.

    Rebecca Williamson
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