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  • I could not be more excited to highly recommend Marie. One of the best parts of my job as a Wedding Planner is getting to know and work with wonderful vendors in the industry. Pairing my couples with a great team makes their special day a reality. I have known Marie for many years, in fact, the first wedding she so beautifully played her harp for me was at my own daughter’s wedding. Guests were so impressed with her talent and you will be also when you select her for your wedding music. Who doesn’t love the sound of a beautiful harp?
    I have no doubt she has a large repertoire of musical selections for your event. Her professionalism and wonderful personality will add an aspect to your wedding reception you will not soon forget.

    Rebecca Williamson
    Details by Rebecca

  • I have known Marie Barnes for many years and had the honor of working with her for the past 3 years. As choir director at James Memorial Baptist Church, Marie was our pianist. She is the most talented musician I have ever had the privilege of working with. Marie is accomplished on the organ, harp, and piano. She can pick up a piece of music, no matter how difficult, and play it well.
    Marie is not only an accomplished musician, but she is a good human being. She is loyal, dependable and kind. She will make personal sacrifices to do a job and do it well.
    I have heard her perform with choirs, weddings, funerals, and special church services. Marie always performed with great passion. I cannot recommend Marie Barnes highly enough. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 256-504-6424.

    Myra Reagan
    James Memorial Baptist Church, Gadsden, AL

  • Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Diane Steward and l own Rainbow Manor Wedding Chapel in Rainbow City Al. I have been in the wedding business for 36 years. I am always so excited to hear that the bride and groom have chosen the beautiful harp music of Marie Barnes for their wedding and reception. She is an amazing harpist, pianist and organist. She is very professional and always comes prepared with all of the music that she and the bride and groom have personally chosen. I highly recommend Marie for your special occasions.

    Diane Steward
    Owner of Rainbow Manor Wedding Chapel

  • Marie Barnes is a wonderful outreach for our community, Regency Pointe by Discovery Senior Living. We have had the pleasure to be entertained multiple times by Mrs. Barnes. Our residents look forward to a Candlelight dinner featuring Mrs. Barnes with her soothing Harp Music. We’ve even had the opportunity to enjoy her music during Christmas time. We always enjoy and have such a pleasurable time with Mrs. Barnes.

    Debbie Pendergraft
    REGENCY POINTE, Rainbow City, AL

  • It has been my great honor to have Marie Barnes on three different occasions to play for our senior adults. Each time she blessed us with her musical ability but more importantly, God used her to speak to our spiritual needs. Much like David of Olde, her harp brings a calm and relaxing atmosphere across the room.

    In addition, Marie is very Christlike in her attitude and not demanding at all with her needs. If you are looking for a great experience for your senior adults that includes both beautiful instrumental music and worship, I highly recommend Marie Barnes to you.

    Kenny Hoomes
    First Baptist Church, Montgomery, AL

  • It is my pleasure to write on behalf of my friend and partner in music ministry, Marie Barnes. I have known Marie for nearly 20 years. However, it has only been in the last 4 years that I have had the privilege to work with her in a professional musical capacity. Marie plays harp for us each year for our Christmas choir and orchestra program as well as our Christmas Eve service, and other special services. To describe her work as only "professional" or "musical" would be an absolute disservice. Marie is a leader in our worship. She is a devoted Christian woman who has committed her life, using her exceptional gifts and talents to the honor and glory of the Lord. She is sensitive to the Holy Spirit's guidance in her life with every opportunity she has. Marie is a joy of a person, and it is a blessing to serve with her every chance we have. It is my privilege to recommend my friend and colleague in the music ministry for all of your harp needs.

    Nathan Edwards
    First Baptist Church, Gadsden, AL

  • The first time I heard Marie Barnes in a harp concert, it was a secular/civic group convention. She was entertaining and informative. Most of us in attentance had never been "up close and personal" with a harp or harpist. She took the mechanics and logistics down to the bottom shelf for us and yet did not make us feel as ignorant as we probably were. In that convention arena, the tone of the program changed from a simple enjoyment to an approciation of this unusual instrument and its awesome player. Before we noticed it, we had moved on to an inspirational event.

    Such was the case recently when Marie gave an entire Sunday evening concert at our church. In a holiday concert, again, when I looked around, everyone was enjoying the music and clever details that she shared with us. And then the Holy Spirit began to work. The audience became a congregation, the sanctuary became a holy place, the music wafted to many hearts. After an extremely short hour, our church family had shared many smiles, tears, memories, and those sweet "foretastes of glory divine". Heaven seemed closer, the hymns of Zion came back to flood our souls, and worship in Spirit and in Truth was the result.

    Sammye Hill
    First United Methodist Church, Hokes Bluff, AL