• The Most Special Day We Will Never Forget

  • From the time little girls can walk, they are dressing up and picturing themselves as their favorite princesses from their fairytales. Growing up they pray for their own prince to come and sweep them off their feet. They hope and dream and pray about their special day and all the magical ways it will unfold. Of course, the prince is the most important part to make their day complete, but there are so many special parts that make up the whole of the wedding of their dreams. There are flowers, and food and invitations and bridesmaids and groomsmen and the dress and the veil and the shoes and the music! It takes all of these coming together to fulfill that lifelong dream.

    Music is such an integral part of any occasion because it sets the mood. Music allows you to become enchanted into the fairytale and reminisce about memories and special times and the promise of forever. It sweeps you away to another time and takes you forward to the future you envision. It can make you happy or sometimes a touch nostalgic, but it moves you in a way nothing else can.

    I have grown up around music my entire life. My mom is such a talented musician and can play numerous instruments with ease. Growing up, my bedroom was directly outside her music room and she would practice her harp after I had gone to bed. As I laid there, the melodies of her heavenly instrument would soon soothe me right to sleep. As a girl, I too dressed up and dreamed of my prince who would come and sweep me off my feet but I never dreamed I would get to be able to have my mom share her beautiful music at my own wedding. It was truly a dream come true.

    Most brides who book a wedding may have their mom providing input and opinions but very few get the opportunity to have them serenading them from stage during the wedding ceremony. My mom is such a special person and knew how much we wanted a harp in our wedding to create a truly magical and heavenly experience. I would never have asked her to play because this was her day to be the parent, to get to see her daughter join lives with her prince forever. My mom, however, gave us the greatest gift when she offered to play for our wedding to forever be a part of my special day and add the heavenly melodies I grew up falling asleep to. It was absolutely perfect! I will forever have that memory as I look back on my special day. The harp itself added to not only the beauty and elegance of the overall ceremony but also to the heavenly atmosphere with the melodies it produced.

    Each of you have your own dreams of what you want your wedding to be. Each dream is important and special and meaningful to you. As I look back on my special day, March 7, 1998, I will forever hold a special place in my heart for the gift my mom gave my husband and me. She took her gifts, her talents, her abilities, and put everything she had into playing the most heavenly instrument I could have dreamed of and she made our day the most special day we will never forget!

    Amy Barnes Crowe