• Wedding Ceremony
    Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book you for my wedding?

    You can call or text me (256-390-1754), or simply fill out the Contact Form and I will return your inquiry very quickly.

    How long have you been playing for weddings?

    I have been playing for harp weddings for over 35 years.  I played many organ and piano weddings years prior to this.

    How many weddings have you played for?

    I have played for over 1500 harp weddings.

    How much do you charge for a wedding?

    Prices vary depending on whether it is an outdoor or indoor wedding and the distance I must travel to get to the venue.

    What types of payment do you accept?

    At this time, I only accept cash or check.

    Do you require a deposit?

    A deposit of $100 is required in order for me to put the job on my appointment book.  This is however, deducted from the entire amount of the wedding.  Think of it as putting me on “Lay-away”.

    When is the balance due?

    The balance is due prior to the wedding---details can be discussed with the bride upon booking.

    Can we hear you in person before booking?

    Some of my music is available for listening on my website but I do not schedule a private meeting until the job is scheduled in my appointment book.  I love meeting with my brides to select their music and talk about their “special day” as well as play the music they wish to hear on the harp once the date is set.

    What types of weddings do you play?

    I play for most all types of weddings: Indoor, outdoor, Church weddings, garden weddings, Home weddings.  

    Do you play for outdoor wedding ceremonies?

    Yes. However, if an outdoor wedding is booked, the bride has to understand the harp cannot be subjected to moisture such as rain or dew, and no direct sunlight.  It is a fine-tuned music box and must be treated with respect. An alternative plan must be in place prior to the outdoor wedding in case of inclement weather. Additional fees are charged for outdoor weddings.

    Will you play on the beach?

    I have never had that question presented---I am not opposed but the harp would have to be protected from the sun and placed on a secure platform, not in the sand.

    How far will you travel for my wedding?

    I choose to travel no further than 3 hours one way from the Gadsden, AL area.

    Where should we have the harp set up?

    I will be glad to make this decision together with the bride once the venue is determined.

    Do we have to provide you with anything for set-up?

    All I need is access to electricity.  I bring everything else needed, including my professional sound equipment.

    What do you wear for weddings?

    If the wedding is formal and other instrumentalists are involved, we all usually wear black.  If it is just me, I try to match the colors of the wedding party as a courtesy to the bride.

    Can you provide duets or other ensembles?

    This is open for discussion but I DO NOT play with others (musicians or soloists) without prior rehearsals. This will require additional fees.

    Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?

    I do not attend the wedding rehearsal.  I do, however meet with the bride and her director prior to the wedding to discuss the music, the logistics, and the flow of the wedding. The director or bride is welcome to call with any changes made after this and I add them to my notes.  I arrive over an hour before I am scheduled to begin playing on the day of the wedding. Any last-minute changes I retrieve at this time from the director and add to my notes.

    What types of music can you play on the harp?

    I play Classical, Contemporary, or Religious. If it is appropriate and “harpable”, I can play it. Some music is not appropriate for wedding settings in a Church but may be able to be played at the reception.  I always want to ere on the side of caution and honor my Christian beliefs.

    What music is included in a wedding ceremony booking?

    Normally you have 30 minutes of pre-service music.  This is followed by the seating of the Grandmothers/Mothers.  I include the “Chiming of the Hour” (like the Westminster Chimes) if desired by the Bride.  The processional (entrance of wedding party), the Bridal Entrance, Unity/Trinity Candle/Sand/Crosses/pouring of water time, Recessional (all wedding party and family ushered out).  This is a typical line-up of wedding music.

    How many pieces do I need to select for my ceremony?

    The preservice usually consists of 8 to 10 pieces of music.  I will be glad to select this with your direction if preferred. I need the bride’s input regarding what she wants for the processional, her entrance, and the recessional.  I will be glad to make suggestions if needed.

    What songs can I pick for my ceremony?

    All the music can be selected by the bride, but please allow me the opportunity to make alternative selections in case certain choices do not lend themselves to the venue of choice. You mainly have to select a Processional, a Bridal entrance, and a Recessional.

    I am having a full Catholic Mass. Can you provide all of the necessary music?

    I have played for many Catholic weddings.  Music is subject to approval by the particular church prior to the wedding.

    What music is most traditional for a wedding ceremony?

    Most people want to hear the traditional Bridal March by Wagner (Here Comes the Bride). Many Brides are using the Pachelbel Canon in D or Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring for their processional music.  I also use the Trumpet Voluntary and the Trumpet Tune as well as Ode to Joy for either Processionals or Recessionals. There are many choices---but these are some of the most popular choices.  

    Do I have to have traditional music?

    Absolutely not.  However, if you are having a church wedding, the music usually has to be approved by a particular wedding committee from the church being used  to prevent “less desirable”  music from entering into the Holy Realm of this worshipful time.

    There is a song I'd really like played that isn't on your repertoire list. Can you learn it for my wedding? Is there an extra cost?

    Most of the time the answer is YES. If the song is “HARPABLE”—meaning having movement and flowing well with the harp---I can play it. (This song would need to be approved as discussed above before adding to program).  I usually do not charge extra for this.

    Will you accompany my musical friends or family members as they play or sing?

    This is open for discussion once the wedding is booked. However, I do not play with or for anyone I have not previously rehearsed with---no exceptions to this rule!

    Will we meet with you before the wedding day?

    I will be glad to meet with you.  The planning meeting, I discussed earlier in the FAQ list, is always in my home.  The bride and her fiancé, director or mother/Father, come and we discuss all the parts of the wedding---some things they have never thought of before our meeting.  I am always glad to share what knowledge or wisdom I have gleamed over the years through playing for so many weddings. Experience is a great teacher. If distance is a problem for our meeting, we can handle all the particulars through phone conversations or emails.
    Can you also provide music for the reception?

    Absolutely!  I love playing for the reception.  I usually play easy listening and more contemporary, or popular music for receptions. The harp offers a nice touch of elegance and is perfect for background music. You hear it but it is not intrusive.